In 2012, United for Children sprang from a simple question: What if we aligned around the success of our children?

United for Children creates new opportunities for children in South Hampton Roads to succeed. More families are becoming self-sufficient. Teachers are finding innovative ways to promote the love for learning. Support initiatives have been launched that combine developmental science with creativity. We are changing the odds by leveraging resources in a results-driven collective impact partnership.

Our Mission

United for Children brings together Hampton Roads community partners to provide resources and opportunities for children and families living in or at risk of falling into extreme poverty. Through a collective impact approach, we work together to:

  • Identify and align existing efforts 
  • Understand community assets and gaps
  • Implement additional individual, family, neighborhood, and school interventions to prevent multi-generational poverty 

This requires deliberate systematic planning and an ongoing commitment from engaged community leaders. Here’s the plan:
United for Children Norfolk Community Planning Meeting Summary Report

Is United for Children Working?

Yes! United for Children has positively impacted over 4,000 children in Norfolk, Suffolk and Virginia Beach. Outcomes include advances in reading and mathematics, increased school attendance, gains in students actively participating in their own learning, and improved health and wellness.

What’s next for United for Children?

We will continue supporting the whole child through education, as well as improving their lives outside of the classroom. Our focus includes emotional and physical health, basic needs, and enrichment opportunities to develop career skills like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, responsibility and resilience.

“When we are successful, our children will graduate high school ready for life as strong, self-sufficient employees, parents and citizens.” – Lewis Web, Chair, United for Children

United Way, Norfolk Southern present books, supplies to Norfolk students

United Way, Norfolk Southern present books, supplies to Norfolk students

Employees of Norfolk Southern and United Way spent the morning of Jan. 26 loading up two trucks for an important delivery. At-risk students at four Norfolk elementary schools were about to receive 1,200 new books and 500 backpacks. The four schools are affiliated with...

Together, United for Children partners make a difference by:

Helping local parents understand pediatric developmental milestones, implementing a nationally validated assessment tool across the region …

Meeting the need where it’s at, helping teachers provide a way for local teachers to provide shoes, glasses, books, and nutritional meals to students, striking down barriers to learning in the classroom …

Installing state of the art computer labs in public school systems, and providing after-school care for students in need …

Providing safe community spaces to play by bringing partners together to build playgrounds in underserved areas.

Help us change the odds.

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