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Screening and intervening early to improve developmental outcomes


According to the Department of Education, as many as
1 in 4 children ages 5 and under are at risk for developmental delay or disability.

Unfortunately, because these delays can be subtle, 70% of children who would benefit from early intervention aren’t identified until after they start school. The Hampton Roads Developmental Screening Initiative (HRDSI) aims to increase understanding and coordinated use of the Ages and Stages (ASQ) developmental screening questionnaire among early childhood experts in Hampton Roads. By uniting these experts around early screening and intervention, together we can enhance the development of children who need extra supports.

The ASQ-3 and ASQ-SE screening tools help parents and early childhood educators:

  • Screen for communication, fine motor, gross motor, problem solving and personal social skills (ASQ-3)
  • Screen for behavior and social emotional skills (ASQ-SE)
  • Discover a child’s strengths
  • Learn about developmentally appropriate milestones
  • Identify areas of development that need encouragement or support
  • Connect to appropriate resources and community supports
  • Monitor a child’s development over time

HRSDI, a partnership of United Way of South Hampton Roads, United for Children and EVMS Minus 9 to 5, is funded by a five-year grant provided by the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation, which aims to support partners across Virginia spearheading this effort.
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HRDSI is working to improve the rate and effectiveness of ASQ screenings and follow-up referrals by:

  • Serving as a regional convener of early childhood partners
  • Promoting greater awareness and understanding of the importance of developmental screenings
  • Ensuring providers and families have access to ASQ resources
  • Facilitating trainings in ASQ screenings and ASQ Online
  • Coordinating workshops for physicians, parents and childcare providers

If you have a stake in early childhood development – including those in early care and education, primary health care, early intervention, child welfare and mental health – join the statewide effort to screen and intervene early. Our kids are counting on it!


Marquita Sykes, M.Ed.
Manager, Developmental Screening Initiative
757.853.8500 ext. 142