At United Way of South Hampton Roads, we aim to be a unifying force in this time of division.

When you choose to LIVE UNITED, you help solve our community’s biggest problems so every person has the opportunity to thrive. Your support is helping to create a brighter future for children, families and veterans who call the 757 home. And now, our work is more important than ever.

While there is much that separates us, our passion for the community and our purpose to make a difference have the power to unite us.

Make your pledge to LIVE UNITED today.

We LIVE UNITED for Desiree.

If you ask Desiree what her “why” is—she would tell you that it all started with a pair of shoes.

As a child, Desiree faced numerous adverse childhood experiences. By her early 20s, Desiree had already experienced homelessness and was a single mother to four children. Without a car, Desiree relied on public transportation to get to work to provide for her family. One morning, she found herself looking down and admiring the shoes of the other women on the bus. That day, she set a goal:
to own her very own beautiful pair of shoes. This small goal—to afford a nice pair of shoes—was a catalyst for Desiree to seek out development programs to help her move from surviving to thriving.

Today, Desiree is a participant in Aspire, United Way’s Mobility Mentoring®-based program for ALICE—Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed—women. She is able to set smart goals, budget and work with Meredith, her personal coach, to create a brighter and more self-sufficient future for herself.

There are over 40,000 people struggling to make ends meet in the 757. Your United Way pledge helps bring together our vast network of partners, invest in local nonprofits and create initiatives to help more people like Desiree move from surviving to thriving.

We LIVE UNITED for Korbin.

Korbin will happily read aloud to a willing audience, but when he first moved to his new school—it was an entirely different story.

As Korbin prepared to start school, he was nervous. He didn’t know if he’d make friends, and this new environment was a big change. He soon began to fall behind his peers and struggled with reading at grade level.

Korbin’s teacher knew he was a perfect candidate for United Way’s Summer LEAP program. Korbin spent the summer participating in enriching activities with his peers while developing his reading skills and confidence. In addition to making friends, Korbin loved going on educational field trips and picking up new books. Today, Korbin is reading confidently at an advanced grade level and has developed a love for learning.

United for Children provided 10,000 children like Korbin with opportunities to succeed in 2019, and your United Way investment will help bring together our partners and invest in programs to help our children thrive at a time when they need our community’s support.

We LIVE UNITED for Julie*.

When Julie* lost her job, she felt her world falling apart. She gathered her things, said goodbye to her coworkers and tried to think of what she would tell her five children when she got home.

She combed through her already tight budget and tried to find ways to scale back while searching for a new job. As weeks went by, Julie had to make increasingly difficult choices and soon began to run low on food as she fell behind on her monthly expenses.

With no job lined up and no hope in sight, Julie made a phone call to Mission United. After speaking with her personal case manager, she was connected to United Way nonprofit partners who ensured her children were fed and healthy and her family remained safe and housed. Once her immediate needs were taken care of, the conversation shifted to helping Julie develop an action plan for self-sufficiency and finding meaningful employment.

Today, Julie works full-time in a career that she loves and her children are happy and safe.

There are over 12,000 veterans struggling to make ends meet in the 757. Your United Way pledge helps bring together our vast network of partners, invest in local nonprofits and allows Mission United to serve as a home base for veterans and military-connected families who need assistance.

Here are some of the things your investment helped to achieve last year:

Meals Provided

Health Screenings

Bednights provided

Served by Mission United

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