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Empower employees to make a difference in your local community. Workplace campaigns are a simple way to drive change in our community while creating a more engaged and connected workforce. We work with more than 500 South Hampton Roads area businesses and organizations to create workplace engagement opportunities that are meaningful experiences for employees. Each campaign embraces the idea that anyone – regardless of income – can become a philanthropist and give their money or time to solve our community’s biggest problems.

Employees can donate a portion of every paycheck, volunteer as a group, start a drive or any combination of these activities. No matter what you choose to do, your company will help more children, families and veterans in our area thrive. To get involved in employee giving or to have a conversation about your corporate social responsibility strategy, please contact us.


Thank you for starting a workplace campaign! Below is a collection of resources to help you along the way. For more detailed information including steps for running a successful campaign and best practices, please download the ECL Handbook .
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Ad for the United Way Donations
United Way Brochure
2021 Annual Report
Certified Agency List
2 women with their arms over their shoulders, posing for United for Disiree
We LIVE UNITED for Desiree
Korbin holding a drawing posing for We Live United
We LIVE UNITED for Korbin
Julie posing for We Live United
We LIVE UNITED for Julie
Mission United Serving many homes and military in the community
Mission United One Sheet
United for children serving the community
United for Children One Sheet
Mobility Mentoring in action
Mobility Mentoring One Sheet


Women United pamphlet
Women United One Sheet
African American Leadership Society Pamphlet
African American Leadership Society One Sheet
Young Philanthropists pamphlet
Young Philanthropists One Sheet


Veterans Poster
Children Poster
Neighbors/ALICE Poster
What Matters More Poster
Thank You Poster
Thermometer Poster


2022 ECL Handbook


Donation Form
2022 Pledge Card
Donation Form Western Tidewater
2022 Western Tidewater Pledge Form
Donation form combined charities campaign
2022 Cities & Schools Pledge Card
2022 Cities & Schools Resource Guide


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YouTube Playlist: 2021 Campaign Videos


Poverty Simulator Activity
Breaking the cycle Simulation Facilitator's Guide
Poverty Simulator Discussion Guide
Learning about United Way & Your Local Community Form Fillout
2021 Local Data Trivia
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