Kate had to leave her Norfolk home to escape an abusive husband, back when Cassie was in kindergarten. The Salvation Army took the mother and daughter in, providing emergency shelter and food. Once they were out of immediate danger, Kate and Cassie moved into ForKids’ transitional housing program. Working through ForKids’ self-

sufficiency program, she was connected with Habitat for Humanity to earn “sweat equity,” a program set up to help Cassie and Kate have a home to call their own.

Cassie’s happiness and growth during these times were a constant, heavy concern for Kate. Though one day as she was picking Cassie up from the Reading Enriches All Children (REACH) Read Aloud program in the shelter, she overheard reading time with a volunteer. Above the roar of laughter from the students, Kate heard Cassie’s deep belly laugh.

Kate now says, “From that moment on, I knew we would be okay. We were having a hard time, but then I heard Cassie laugh. She hadn’t laughed in such a long time

— I didn’t realize how much I missed it. It made me cry and made me happy. But, I knew things would get better.”

And they did. Cassie, now
a graduating senior still loves reading and thrives in a happy, stable home.

Your gift made that possible.

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