Meet Shayna

Shayna worked incredibly hard to provide for her and her daughter. Being a single parent, she didn’t have a choice.

When Shayna wasn’t caring for children as a baby sitter, she went from house to house tirelessly cleaning on her feet for hours at a time. She often barely made ends meet, but she always found a way to get by. This was Shayna’s life before the coronavirus crisis.

When businesses began to close and people began staying home, they no longer needed sitting or cleaning services. This left Shayna without a source of income and unable to pay her rent and utilities. She utilized foodbanks to meet her family’s nutritional needs, but her gas was running low and she didn’t have money to fill her tank.

She called the United Way of South Hampton Roads Coronavirus Hotline with support from ForKids seeking assistance. Shayna’s case manager was able to find multiple food distribution sites closer to her home and provided direct financial assistance through the Coronavirus Recovery Fund so Shayna can continue to care for her family.

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