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Planned Giving

Considering Your Options
Simply put – our work would not be possible without your generosity. Your gift allow us to make a difference for thousands of children, families and veterans in our community, but we want to ensure you benefit as well. In addition to the joy you’ll feel knowing you’ve made an impact, many gift plans can also improve your financial and tax situation. A well-planned gift can reduce or possibly eliminate long-term capital gains taxes, provide current income tax deductions, reduce possible gift taxes or even increase your income. There are several effective ways to share your generosity today and in the future. The below outlines various options available to help you achieve your charitable goals by matching your philanthropic interests with your financial needs.

Planned Gift Options

Retirement Assets

If you die with retirement plan assets in your estate, those assets are subject to income taxes that may dramatically reduce the amount that would otherwise pass to your beneficiaries. Instead, consider designating United Way of South Hampton Roads as a beneficiary of your retirement accounts. Because we are a nonprofit organization, United Way of South Hampton Roads is able to take a tax-free withdrawal of retirement assets, allowing us to use their full value to advance our important work.

Charitable Bequests

Gifts made through Wills and Trusts have become the foundation of the American philanthropic tradition. Indeed, the overwhelming majority of planned gifts are the result of bequests, commonly known as planned or “legacy” gifts. If you have considered making a gift to United Way of South Hampton Roads but aren't ready to relinquish your assets today, consider leaving us a legacy gift. A simple provision in your Will or Trust may enable you to make significant contributions not otherwise possible during your lifetime.


By making a gift of appreciated securities, you may be able to avoid paying the capital gains tax that would otherwise be due at the sale of those securities, and may also receive a charitable income tax deduction at the time of the gift. Because securities enjoy favorable capital gains treatment, they often provide greater tax benefits than a cash gift of equivalent value, particularly if they have a low cost basis.
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Charitable Trusts

Under the right set of circumstances, a Charitable Trust may enhance your income, minimize taxes, unlock appreciated investments and ultimately provide United Way of South Hampton Roads with a significant charitable gift. Although Trusts are complex legal instruments that require competent advice and careful consideration, many donors realize optimal estate planning by establishing a Charitable Trust.

Life Insurance Policies

Most people think of life insurance as protection, particularly for loved ones. But life insurance is also a powerful charitable tool that can be used to champion our work far into the future. By designating United Way of South Hampton Roads as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy, you are able to create a charitable legacy without invading cash and other assets designated for your heirs.