The Virginian Pilot

Meet the girls of Cub Scout Pack 374 in Virginia Beach

By Jane Bloodworth Rowe | July 20, 2018

The members of Cub Scout Pack 374 learned to grill chicken and vegetables and mix instant pudding in a plastic bag.

The recent evening activity was an important lesson in outdoor cooking skills for future camping trips, said Brandy Schlossberg, leader of one of the two dens that make up the pack.

All of this sounds pretty routine for third- and fourth-grade Cub Scouts, but this pack meeting is unusual because all of the members are girls.

This family pack, which includes Den 8, or third-graders known as “Bears,” and Den 6, which includes Webelos, or fourth-graders, is the first Cub Scout pack in the Tidewater area where some of the members are girls, said Andrew Silverstone, leader of Den 6.

The group formed earlier this year after the Boy Scouts of America announced that it would begin admitting girls into the Cub Scout program.



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