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“A great strength arises out of the voluntary involvement of thousands of citizens in affairs of the community.” – Frank Batten Sr.

Get Involved through Leadership Giving

The United Way Leadership Donor is an ally for those in need, an investor and stakeholder in the community. From a young philanthropist striving for change in our local school system, to a retired couple who endows their gift so that the community is changed forever – how and why you engage is your personal story. The experience is yours to modify based on your interests and time. Some give knowing that fellow volunteers and staff will put those dollars to their best use; some take it a step further: acting as a catalyst for change. Leadership donors are stakeholders in propelling United Way’s work forward and permanently changing our community for the better. We give because it’s the right thing to do and our impact is great.

Get Involved by Volunteering Your Time

Leadership Giving groups offer their members various family-friendly volunteering opportunities throughout the year. All of the groups mobilize for the annual Day of caring event, during which 50 companies bring over 1,200 volunteers who collectively complete over 100 projects at 50 nonprofits all on one day. Volunteers at the annual Stone Soup event prepare casseroles and bag lunches for various local shelters in just a couple hours of fast-paced, food prepping with a purpose! For more about volunteering opportunities through Leadership Giving groups, please contact Alcee Flores at

Get Involved by Supporting United Way Financially

What happens in South Hampton Roads matters to all of us. When a child or elderly person goes hungry, when an abuse victim has nowhere to go, when a really difficult issue arises, our community turns to United Way for solutions … and we turn to you. Our sole purpose is to serve the needs of South Hampton Roads. We bring together people who want to help because working together is the best way to make lasting change. When we put the lives of our community first, there is no issue too large to tackle – or too small to matter. Your gift helps more than one person or agency – it helps our entire community.

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Get involved with United Way to bring people & organizations together to solve problems too big for any of us to solve on our own.

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