Did you know… Tocqueville members are responsible for more than one-third of the services, support, counseling, and assistance received by families and children from the agencies funded by United Way of South Hampton Roads!

Tocqueville leadership is committed to growing that percentage to reach even more children and their families. In 2011, we introduced the Step Up Match Program to accomplish two things – grow the dollars available for community services and increase the number of new Tocqueville members.

This Step Up Match program is designed to provide a pool of donor dollars to match Tocqueville prospects that are giving below the annual $10,000. The goal is to enable prospects to gradually increase their donation until they reach the full $10,000 Tocqueville Level of giving. Prospects will be required to commit to a United Way gift of $6,000 or more in year one, $8,000 in the following year, and then $10,000 in the third year.

Of course, our children and families in need will also benefit. Match dollars donated by current members to the match pool will go towards the United Way Community Impact Fund while Step Up members become increasingly invested in the Tocqueville Society. With current members assisting in making this happen, Tocqueville Society grows and our community benefits. National statistics show that once a Tocqueville level of giving is achieved, members maintain this higher level of giving for many years. Thus, your match investment at the beginning will yield high rewards for children and families of South Hampton Roads.

For information or questions, please contact Kimberly Savage at 757-853-8500 ext. 178 or

A huge thank you to our Match Partners:
Bob & Cindy Aston, Frank & Aimee Batten, Rick & Tamara Burnell, Steve & Lori Burwell, Deb Butler, Butch & Carol Everett, John & Joyce Fain, Paul & Lynne Farrell, Steve & Mara Fredrickson, Bob & Tiffany Gaylord, Richard & Martha Glasser, David & Susan Goode, James Hixon, David & Kay Kaufman, Ron and Cindy Kramer, Aubrey & Peggy Layne, Page & Connie Lea, Fred & Jackie Napolitano, Alan & Susan Nordlinger, Richard & Maureen Olivieri, Allan & Audrey Parrott, Dick & Shirley Roberts, Paige Romig

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