Meet Gabrielle

When she lost her job as a waitress due to the coronavirus crisis, Gabrielle quickly worked to find another job. She was able to secure a part-time job pet sitting for a few neighbors while waiting for unemployment, but this income couldn’t come close to covering her family’s monthly expenses. Gabrielle’s bills began piling up as she struggled to pay for things like food, gas, and medication for herself and her family. When unemployment did begin coming in, it was short lived and she inexplicably stopped receiving unemployment checks. Despite days of back-and-forth conversations, she still had no answers as to why she wasn’t receiving that financial benefit.

At that point, she decided to call the Coronavirus Response Hotline. Gabrielle’s case manager supported her with resources to help her find jobs to apply for and she received financial assistance from the Coronavirus Recovery Fund. Gabrielle shared that she felt a weight lifted off her shoulders and for the first time in months felt hopeful about her family’s future during this crisis.

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