About Us

We’re solving the 757’s biggest problems so every person has the opportunity to thrive

United by Passion. United by Purpose.
As a convener and collaborator, we have a unique ability to unite partners around a shared goal. We’ve spent nearly 100 years building the relationships, systems and processes necessary to get things done. We use best-in-class technology, the highest standards of data quality and a collective impact approach to achieve maximum results and efficiency. Our approach to impact has three key elements:
Volunteer giving a kid crayons
A man and a woman using a tablet


We believe every decision should start with data. Data guides our ability to adopt the most effective practices into our programs. And it gives us insights into our progress so we can adjust along the way. We incorporate common measures into all our grant awards so we can quantify the impact of your investment. And we helped elevate the community’s use of shared data by founding GHRconnects, a regional dashboard that tracks quality of life measures and informs data-driven decision making. Data from GHRconnects helps us highlight the areas of greatest need and hone in on disparities to set a vision for community impact and target our resources.

Care Coordination

South Hampton Roads is fortunate to have a vast network of cross-sector service providers, but navigating that complex care system can be daunting. United Way connects the dots. We connect individuals to a coordinated system of more than 85 partners, helping our neighbors seamlessly access the support they need.
A volunteer delivering food to an elderly man
Volunteers working in a soup kitchen


Collaboration is at the heart of what we do, and none of our work would be possible without our partners. They challenge us, teach us and inspire us. We know that when we all bring our collective strengths to the table, the entire community benefits. That’s why we practice collective impact – bringing together stakeholders from various sectors around a common goal. By sharing data, removing silos, establishing best practices and aligning efforts, we create real social impact. United Way is a natural backbone – convening partners, strengthening systems, leveraging resources and filling gaps.