Greater Hampton Roads Community Indicators Dashboard

About the Dashboard at

Greater Hampton Roads Community Indicators Dashboard supports those seeking to understand:

  • how is our region is changing?
  • how can we make a change?

The Dashboard is a free resource that tracks meaningful, accurate, and standardized data over time. Anyone can use it to measure factors that most significantly impact our region’s quality of life. The website also gives a clearer picture of how the region is performing in a variety of critical areas. Since June 2016, community groups and individuals have been using the Dashboard to make data-driven decisions that affect future outcomes and impact change in the areas of:

  • health
  • economy
  • education
  • natural & built environment
  • social environment



The Dashboard seeks to bring leadership and resources together, facilitating regional, data-driven decision making that:

  • reduces poverty
  • increases educational attainment
  • minimizes health disparities for our most vulnerable neighbors


We envision a future where accurate, reliable information is used to unite and inspire collaborative efforts promoting equity in Hampton Roads.

Check out the Greater Hampton Roads Community Indicators Dashboard at
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